What is a Master-Planned Community?

The Woodlands Master Plan Greenspace MapIn the ever-growing expanse of suburban sprawl, sometimes it’s difficult to spot the differences between cookie-cutter communities. Subdivisions spring up quickly and randomly, followed by strip malls and new roads in endless construction projects that never seem to finish.

In certain areas, developers attempt to make sense of the haphazard expansion by designing master-planned communities. These communities provide organization and structure to the development process, and are becoming increasingly popular throughout the nation.

A master-planned community stands out from the seemingly random gobs of suburban expansion because the organization of property and land is entirely planned before any ground is broken. When designing a master-planned community, developers from different sectors coordinate to ensure efficient use of space and convenient access throughout the community. Planning will often incorporate and integrate commercial centers, office buildings, retail and recreation facilities, and residential areas. Such planning also allows for recreational infrastructure like community swimming pools and sports facilities. The end result is a suburban area that exists self sufficiently, providing its residents with all the amenities needed for convenient living. Residents also get the benefit of maintained natural beauty; master-planned communities often allow for large parks and extensive trail networks that subdivisions do not.

Here in The Woodlands, we pride ourselves on being one of the nation’s most successful master planned communities. TheWoodlands.com offers this description:

“Founded in 1974, The Woodlands is one of the best-selling master-planned communities in Texas and the U.S. Located just 27 miles from north Houston, the country’s fourth-largest city, The Woodlands carefully integrates a range of recreational amenities, residential neighborhoods, commercial office spaces, retail shops, entertainment venues, and more in a naturally beautiful setting. In fact, 28% of The Woodlands is dedicated to green space – including parks, pathways, open spaces, golf courses and forest preserves. It’s the perfect blend of nature with today’s modern conveniences – for everyone.”

Our community, like others of its kind, offers a better option to families seeking residence outside of urban cities who want something more than a simple neighborhood. The Woodlands is a family oriented place, a network of well-supported educational and residential systems designed to fulfill the needs of a diverse and growing population.

For a video overview of this awarding-winning Texas master-planned community, click here for “The Woodlands Story”.


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