The Woodlands Artwork Series #3: Tomorrow

The Woodlands, The Woodlands Art, Real Estate, Charles Parks

  • Artist: Charles Parks
  • 8 feet tall (with base), 28 inches wide, weighs 1200 lbs.
  • Bronze Metal Casting

This contemplative figure sits outside the Homefinder Center on Woodlands Parkway. The statue was created by American realist sculptor Charles Parks and installed in 1981. According to the artist, the man is “pondering the future of our planet,” as he stands with a hand on a young deer. The intimacy between this thinking character and the iconic deer reaches to the heart of our community’s relationship with nature—the future of the planet depends on plans just like those made by the creators of The Woodlands, to maintain the beauty and majesty of nature amidst the progress of society.

Charles Parks is a renowned sculptor based in Wilmington, Delaware. In his studio overlooking the Brandywine River he creates pieces for commissions across the nation, and with those has won many awards. Over his fifty-five year career he has created over 500 works, many of which (included “Tomorrow”) are available to purchase through his website. His realistic bronze casts of human figures often address the themes of humanity and nature, and the human condition.

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