The Woodlands Artwork Series #6: The Family

The Woodlands Artwork, The Woodlands real estate, The Family

  • by Charles Pebworth
  • 40 feet tall, 15 feet wide, 15 feet long
  • Painted Metal, welded construction

This fascinating sculpture sits at the entrance to The Woodlands on Woodlands Park Drive, greeting visitors and new members of community. This piece is the first outdoor sculpture purchased for The Woodlands, created by Houston artist and Professor Charles Pebworth and installed in 1974.

Pebworth made his artistic start in the budding art scene of Houston in the 1960’s. In a time when the city was still feeling out its relationship to the artistic community and its place in larger movements, Pebworth had a unique perspective on the growth and evolution of Houston art and museums. In an interesting interview he relates this experience, along with his early education and career.

Charles Pebworth, a member of the Choctaw Tribe, combines his Native American heritage and contemporary art education to create an artistic style embracing of contrasts. Best known for his abstract metal sculptures, he often unites media like wood and stone to synthesize nature with his modern style.

Sometimes referred to as “the Texas sculptor,” Pebworth has works and collections in galleries across the state and the nation. In his teaching career of over 30 years, Pebworth pioneered a Texas sculptor-culture with his students at Sam Houston State University and established one of the finest sculpture departments in the state.

Retired since 1993, Pebworth was also a visiting professor museums and colleges around Texas, including the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Houston, a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Louisiana State University, and has conducted independent study in Carrara, Italy. He currently resides in his home in Huntsville, Texas.


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