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Beat Cooling Costs #2: The Little Things

Last week I wrote a post on home energy audits, whether done on your own with a checklist or conducted by a professional. If you finish that, I'm sure you'll end up with a long list of home repairs, big and small, that could dramatically lower your cooling costs and make your home much more energy efficient. If you haven't done your home energy … [Read more...]

Beat Cooling Costs #1: Do Your Homework

Writing about the benefits of storm windows last week got me thinking about how valuable it is to save energy--especially in the summer. As the temperature starts to climb, so do the costs of air conditioning. Trying to beat triple-digit heat can really weigh on your bank account, but sweating in your home is not the most desirable alternative. I … [Read more...]

Should You Install Storm Windows?

Old, single-pane windows are one of the top culprits for energy loss in a home. Warm and cool air seep through the glass and around the frame, making energy bills unnecessarily steep. But replacing all your windows is a daunting thought -- some renovations could run you up to around $10,000. There are some tricks to cutting down … [Read more...]