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Tricks to Make a Room Look Larger

When getting ready to sell, one of the most important preparations is staging your home to show. There are many things to consider when staging and preparing your home to appeal to the widest range of buyers (which I go into in detail in my staging post). But one of the most important parts of staging is doing everything you can to make your rooms … [Read more...]

How to Sell a House With Pets

When preparing your home for a showing, one of the most important things aside from cleaning and tidying is removing all personal traces -- you want buyers to picture themselves in the home, not your family. And this includes your pets. Contrary to what we pet-lovers may believe, not everyone is excited about animals and particularly not in a space … [Read more...]

How to Finally Clean Your Shower Head

Mineral deposits and grime build-up can not only make your shower hardware unsightly, but also prevent it from working. If your shower head spurts water in all directions or weakly trickles water through a crust of lime, there are steps you can take before you have to buy all new hardware. This method will also work to get rid of those ugly … [Read more...]

Water Conservation Tips

The Woodlands is currently in stage 2 water restrictions, which means The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency is asking for voluntary water restrictions from residents. During the summer months, residential water consumption rises from about 10 million gallons to 35 million gallons per day, which puts a huge strain on the water wells and the supply of … [Read more...]