Tips for Organizing Your Garage

Not only is a stuff-filled garage an embarrassment and a deterrent to guests, but it also is a huge turn-off for buyers. I’ve written before about removing clutter to make spaces feel larger, and the garage is no exception. Buyers love big garages–they want to picture their vehicles inside, a work space, extra storage, the whole package. If your garage is filled to the brim, all buyers will see is your stuff.

The woodlands, real estate, buying, buyer, selling, seller, courtney buie, garage, organize, moveA messy garage, for many, is an embarrassing secret. You do your best to keep out your guests, you rarely venture inside to face the clutter, and you can’t even dream of fitting your car inside. But no longer. I’ve gathered the tips you need to finally make your garage a usable, functional addition to your home instead of an attached storage unit.

1. First things first, get rid of anything you can. It’s so easy to throw something in the garage instead of deciding whether or not you need it, but now’s the time to decide. Anything you forgot was there is probably good to go. Consider donating old furniture and clothes to a shelter–you’ll get the space and the peace of mind knowing that it’s going to someone who needs it more than you do. This step is the most daunting, but it’s key to really making progress.

2. Make things into groups. Sometimes it takes a little more mess to ultimately solve one, so start by categorizing everything into piles. Tools, cleaning supplies, files, outdoor gear, sports equipment, kids’ memories, everything has a group. This way you can start to plan your space so you’ll have a place for everything.

3. Think about your storage situation. Could you add more shelves? Is there space in the rafters? Do you have enough boxes or bins to put everything in? Think about where you could put hooks to hang things or suspend large items like bicycles from the ceiling. Look at every wall in your garage as another floor on which to put things.

4. With the size of your piles in mind, make a map of your garage (mentally or physically, depending the way you think best) to ensure that there’s space and a place for everything. If you need to purge a few more things, don’t be afraid to. Once you have this plan set up, putting everything away will be easy and extra satisfying.

5. Next, put everything in it’s place, considering the most efficient way to organize each area. Shelves, hooks, be creative. And always label everything.

This is a short list, but each step is a big task. But it’s always worth it to take a few weekends and dramatically improve the function and organization of your home.


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