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Staging Basics: Bathrooms

While you may think bathrooms are all about the fixtures, it's still important to keep staging in mind when your house is on the market. Potential buyers do pay attention to these details, whether consciously or subconsciously. And since it's often said that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, it's important to put your best foot forward. After … [Read more...]

Staging Basics: The Kitchen

  Even if you’ve poured your money into custom cabinetry or granite countertops, making a strong impression on buyers goes beyond just the upgrades. Properly staging your home, room by room, will help buyers see the unique features of your home and the full potential of each space, without being distracted by clutter or your personal … [Read more...]

The End of 2012 – The Story of a Seller’s Market

The real story of The Woodlands real estate market in 2012 has a great deal to do with lack of inventory and extremely high buyer demand.  Throughout the year, active buyers saw fewer and fewer choices available to them as they looked diligently for their next home.  If you were one of those buyers, you likely experienced being in a multiple offer … [Read more...]

What is Market Value?

Market value is a term you have probably heard tossed around a lot if you have already started your home-buying research. But what exactly does it mean? Market value is the price point that appeals to many buyers, triggering a sale within a reasonable time frame. This time frame is estimated by looking to the average number of days comparable … [Read more...]