Staging Basics: Bathrooms

BathroomWhile you may think bathrooms are all about the fixtures, it’s still important to keep staging in mind when your house is on the market. Potential buyers do pay attention to these details, whether consciously or subconsciously. And since it’s often said that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, it’s important to put your best foot forward. After all, you want buyers focused on the positive elements of the room, not the soap scum on the faucets or worn out towels. So here are some tips to get your started on staging a bathroom:

1. Tuck away all your personal grooming items.

Buyers come to see the property and items like shampoo bottles and toothbrushes, while necessities in your daily life, can be distracting and sometimes even off-putting. Tuck these away neatly though, since you never know when buyers will open up cabinets to check out storage space.

2. Scrub everything.

This includes everything from the obvious tubs, sinks, and toilets, to the baseboards and lighting fixtures. In addition, be sure to check your exhaust fan for any obvious grime, dirt, or lint. Hiring a professional cleaning service may even be a good idea if you are in a time crunch or just want to make sure the place is sparkling for an open house.

3. Make sure you are using bright light bulbs.

This is especially important if there is little natural light in the room. You want the space to feel light and airy. This can also help a bathroom feel larger. Keep in mind, however, you probably don’t want to draw any blinds, which can give people the feeling there is little privacy. Privacy shades or frosted glass are good options here.

4. Get fresh linens.

Replace any worn out, dirty, or fraying towels with new ones. These should be seen more as props for showing your house, and not towels you use on a daily basis. White is preferable, as it evokes a hotel or spa feeling for buyers. While you are at it, consider replacing any old shower curtains or bath mats as well.

5. Replace any worn or outdated hardware.

This can be an easy way to give an older bathroom a fresh look. You may even want to consider replacing faucets and showerheads along with any pulls or knobs if your bathroom is in need of a bit of an update. This is typically an easy DIY project.

6. Take down any peeling wallpaper and choose paint colors thoughtfully.

If your bathroom features any wallpaper, make sure it is fairly neutral and in good condition. Moisture can easily cause wallpaper to peel over time, and if this is case, it’s best to remove it all. As far as fresh coat of paint goes, choose your colors thoughtfully. You want to keep the space feeling as large as possible. Light neutrals or pale blues and greens can be good options in a bathroom.

7. Decorate thoughtfully.

You do not want to overcrowd the room, but a few décor items can help the space feel more spa-like. Candles, small plants, and other nature-themed accessories typically work best. If you need more pointers, check with your realtor for advice.

With a sparkling space, the right amount of light, fresh linens, and a thoughtful decorating job, buyers will be able to focus on the fixtures and functionality of the space. This is ideally, what you hope to gain from staging your home.



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