Home Selling Services

Successfully selling a home requires starting with a well-developed plan and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy.  It is about positioning and packaging a product in an effort to reach the desired target buyer.  In partnership with home sellers, I customize a marketing plan for your property based on the goals that you seek to achieve.  I am fully committed to working for and with you in order to best achieve your desired results.


Pre-market Preparation

The professional photography and staging services I provide are key to marketing your home to its full potential. Effective staging is invaluable to buyers’ ability to picture themselves in your home; photography and staging artists evaluate your home and highlight the unique qualities and amenities that appeal to buyers. Professionally-staged, photographic images represent your home throughout all marketing stages, both on the internet and in print.


 Marketing Strategies

According to the National Association of Realtors, 98% of home buyers use two main resources in their home search – the internet and a real estate professional.  This data is the driving force and guide used to customize a marketing plan and develop a marketing budget in order to sell your home.




Therefore, I use contemporary technology to first create an online presentation that gets the right information to the right buyers, making the best first impression – online. Specialized services include: featured and showcase listing opportunities, virtual tours, local website exposure, and social media marketing.




In addition, I also use scannable QR codes located at the yard sign, which give buyers an instant mobile-optimized virtual tour and property information directly on their smart phone.  Mobile-optimized strategies are essential in today’s real estate market, as consumers and home buyers are always on the go and require information immediately, and on a mobile device – in a usable, readable format.



Secondly, real estate agents provide valuable specialization and are an important resource when it comes to locating buyers.  I connect and communicate with agents through targeted e-flyers, open houses, tours, and personalized follow-up calls for feedback.



Once inside the home, buyers find a high-quality presentation including valuable home and neighborhood information and full-color property brochures





I believe effective communication is the foundation for a successful realtor-client relationship. That is why I personalize my communication methods to fit the preferences and needs of every client. I provide weekly reports of online statistics, showings, and feedback, and constantly monitor the market to provide updates on any competitive activity. Where possible, my clients are given direct access to this information for their review at any time.  I make myself available and attentive to my clients whenever necessary, dedicating my time to fulfilling their needs – in the manner and method in which they prefer.


Transaction Coordination and Services

I have many years of experience in negotiating purchase agreements, providing me with the skills necessary to always achieve the best possible results for my clients. Throughout the contract execution and closing processes, I and my support team stay close by, coordinating and managing every step. I am fully dedicated to easing the selling process, maintaining a professional relationship throughout moving and post-closing, and providing my clients with annual follow-up and continuing real estate services.