The Woodlands Artwork Series #2: The Rise of the Midgard Serpent

Rise of the Midgard Serpent

Perhaps the most recognizable piece of sculptural art in The Woodlands, “The Rise of the Midgard Serpent” by Marc Rosenthal has become an artistic icon of our community and the mascot of Woodlands whimsy. In 2010 The Woodlands celebrated the 20th anniversary of this piece.

The sculpture, originally located on the shore of Buffalo Bayou in Houston, was installed in Lake Woodlands in 1985 where it now resides welcoming visitors and newcomers as they enter The Woodlands. The story goes that Cynthia Woods-Mitchell herself selected the piece, and Mr. Coulson Tough suggested the location. At the time of installation Rosenthal was getting his CA at the Art Institute of Houston, following his BA in Fine Arts from St. Thomas downtown. Rosenthal also works with stoneware and porcelain pottery in addition to his sculptures of bronze, steel, and other media.

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