What is The Woodlands Township tax used for?

The Woodlands, The woodlands township, board of directors, bridge, parks, lake, real estateThe Woodlands Township is the governing body of The Woodlands. In a master planned community, the Board of Directors of the Township is charged with maintaining the vision and the services of that community. Officially created as a “fully-elected at large Board” in 2007, the Woodlands Township levied the first property tax in 2010 and has since used that revenue to maintain the various pieces of the community that make The Woodlands so lovely.

But in a community that’s constantly beautiful and functioning seamlessly, sometimes it’s hard to see where all that money goes. The Woodlands Township has posted the 2012 budget on their website, and I’ve tried to condense it for the curious out there.

Very large portions of the revenue go to maintaining the parks and recreation facilities throughout The Woodlands, an effort that clearly pays off for Woodlands residents. Another large portion goes to security, providing law enforcement and fire protection services. They use it to pay salaries, maintain equipment, pay operational costs, things like that. The Township also provides waste and recycling services with revenue from this tax.

A large piece goes to what they call “capital,” which is a fancy economics term for “valuable things.” They use this money for new projects, things that departments need that aren’t in their standard budget. The budget document describes their use as to “maintain current services and amenities, to address community growth, to replace existing assets that have reached the end of their useful lives, and to stay abreast of technological advances.”

Here’s a list of the Capital Projects in this year’s budget:

  • $7.1 million Construction of Central Fire Station
  • $2.7 million Park and pathway projects in Creekside Park
  • $2.1 million Fire Department Ladder Trucks 
  • $1.5 million Recreational Amenities Development
  • $1.4 million Pedestrian projects in Town Center
  • $1.4 million Parks and pathways improvements
  • $700,000 Fire Department equipment
  • $300,000 Technology improvements/other

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Some of the revenue also goes into various reserves. These reserves are just what they sound like—a stock of wealth to protect the finances of the community in times when revenue is low (something that helped The Woodlands fare so well in the recent economic downturn).

The property tax in The Woodlands is relatively high compared to the rest of the country, but it funds the things that make The Woodlands such a beautiful and safe place to live. If you want to review the whole Township budget document, check it out here.

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