Best Smartphone Apps for Residential Real Estate

The woodlands, real estate, buying, selling, courtney buie, digital marketing, research, searchThe real estate industry is getting increasingly digital. And this is putting more tools and resources in the hands of you, the clients, to find information and help focus your search. Having a realtor with digital marketing experience is crucial, because more and more buyers are looking to web platforms for their searches and taking their process into their own hands. Tech-savvy realtors can also point you towards helpful resources to aid your own search for a home and offer the expert advise and knowledge when you do want to think further about what you find.

On that note, I thought I’d compile a list of apps that many are using (and loving) to help them find or sell their home.

  • Zillow Real Estate Search: This app is an extensive database of listings and an easy interface. It also has GPS tracking technology so you can use it as you drive around looking for houses in specific areas.
  • Real Estate Search: The continual updates and note-taking features make this app top-notch. It also allows you to share what you find with friends or directly to your agent, which is awesome.
  • Trulia Real Estate Search: This app is basically a mobile version of the website, but it’s a very helpful site and also has a massive database of listings.
  • Property Evaluator: While you should always consult your agent on a property that you’re really interested in, this app can be helpful in making broad distinctions between listings that you’re looking at.
  • Real Estate Calc: Calculate mortgages, property taxes, and other important figures as you sift through listings.
  • Redfin Real Estate: This app is MLS-based, which means you’ll get all of the important details on every listing. It also allows you to upload your own pictures and notes to keep track of the ones you visit, which can be very helpful.
Of course, these tools are always compliments to a great realtor-client relationship. But the information you find on your own can help you immensely when communicating with your agent about what exactly you want, need, and have already found. This way you’re bound to end up with the perfect match.
Also, if you’re looking for more ways to go mobile in your real estate endeavors, check out “How to Use your Smartphone to Find Your Dreamhome.”



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