Staging Basics: The Kitchen


KitchenEven if you’ve poured your money into custom cabinetry or granite countertops, making a strong impression on buyers goes beyond just the upgrades. Properly staging your home, room by room, will help buyers see the unique features of your home and the full potential of each space, without being distracted by clutter or your personal effects. And while you may not think about staging a kitchen in they way you might a living room or bedroom, it should not be neglected. Below are a few important tips to consider when your house is on the market:

1. Clean

This may seem obvious, but it’s really important to be thorough here. Scrub everything from the stove’s drip pans to the baseboards. You may even want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service to give the room an overhaul. Once you have done this, try your best to maintain it. Avoid cooking meals that could cause lingering odors or excessive grease splatters until the house has sold.

2. De-clutter

This goes for every room in the house, but there is a particularly delicate balance in the kitchen. You also want to highlight the room’s storage space without pushing it to capacity. It should seem inviting rather than sterile. With this in mind, limit the appliances on the counter top. More than one or two can start to clutter the space. In addition, clear out any overly full pot racks or remove them all together, since this can create the illusion that there is not enough storage space.

3. Organize Open Storage

If your kitchen features open storage, make sure like items are grouped neatly together. Adjusting mug handles to face the same direction and ensuring shelving does not appear overcrowded are also other important details.

4. Add Some Greenery or Color

A small potted plant or two, windowsill herb garden, or bowl of fruit can be a nice neutral way to add warmth to your kitchen. But again, make sure you do not add too many, as this can clutter the space.

5. Spruce up Hardware

Polish and clean your hardware on a regular basis when your house is for sale. If it is worn or outdated, changing it out can be a relatively simple way to spruce up your kitchen.

6. Stage Furnishings

If your kitchen has a connected dining area, be sure to stage this as well. You want buyers to envision how they will actually live in the space. Choose a table that fits, but does not overcrowd the area and remove any extra chairs. In some cases it may be best to rent a table or borrow one from a friend or family member if you current table is not the appropriate size. You can ask your realtor for more advice.

As far as the tabletop goes, be sure to use a centerpiece to draw buyers’ eyes to the space. Fresh flowers or a bowl of green apples are good options here. You may also want to stage some place settings to highlight the area’s functionality. However, try to keep it simple and fairly neutral to appeal to as many buyers as possible.

With a clean, organized, and inviting space, you are sure to make a good impression on buyers. By highlighting the best features of your kitchen, you are letting them see what it would really be like to live there. That is the art of good staging. Please check back next week for more tips!


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