Staging Basics: Bedrooms

bedroomWhile compared to other rooms in a home, bedrooms may seem less important when trying to sell a home, but it’s still essential to create a warm and inviting space for potential buyers. And, yes, it can be tempting to leave these rooms set up for your regular day-to-day lifestyle, but some thought should be put into staging, beyond just making sure the room is tidy. Below are a few things to consider when staging the bedrooms in your house:

1. Remove clutter.

While there is some room for personal items in a bedroom, try to limit family photos and knickknacks. This will help create a warm, neutral space that buyers can see themselves living in.

2. Organize closets.

In addition to general cleaning and clutter removal, remember to organize your closet space. Buyers will want to see the storage options and if items are not arranged neatly, it can give the impression there is not enough space for all their belongings.

3. Paint your walls a neutral color.

While it may be hard to paint over the brightly colored walls in a child’s bedroom, or say goodbye to your favorite hue in the master, it’s for the best. It’s true the buyer could also easily paint over the walls themselves, but sometimes bolder colors are harder for buyers to look past. You do not want to give buyers any room to write off your house based on something as simple as this. So, choose a neutral shade that coordinates well with the rest of the décor in the house.

4. Remove outdated bedding.

You want to make sure that you keep your bed made neatly with fresh linens. If anything is too dated, try buying a new set, which you can take with you to your new home, or borrow some linens from a friend or family member. Again, like with paint colors, it’s best to stick with more neutral textiles, rather than too many bold prints. However, a few accent pillows can be a great way to add in a bit of color.

5. Think about furniture placement.

In the master or guest bedrooms, you want to try to place the bed on the wall opposite the entrance, so that you see it immediately upon entering the room. In children’s rooms with smaller beds, this may differ. Also, keep symmetry in mind. This is usually the easiest way to arrange a room if you are not an expert in interior design. If you need advice about how to best configure furniture in the room, you can ask your realtor for help.

6. Remove excess furniture.

You want to highlight the functionality of the space without overcrowding the room. With this in mind, remove any unnecessary furniture; it will only make the space feel smaller.

Staging the bedrooms, as well as the rest of your home, according to the tips outlined in our Staging Basics series can help put you ahead of your competition, leading to a quicker sale. As always, feel free to contact me directly if you have questions about home staging or other tips for selling a home.



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