Top Spring Cleaning Tips

freeimage-8456030-webThe official first day of spring has arrived! And while some of us naturally get the urge to start the season fresh, tidying up all those troublesome spots in our homes, the rest of us could use a game plan. Yes, the thought of a thorough spring cleaning can seem daunting, but breaking tasks down by room and dividing them up amongst family members or amongst different days throughout the week can make your quest for a cleaner home more manageable.

All over your home           

You probably don’t need a list of basic dusting and vacuuming duties, but spring is a great time to go a little beyond the basics. Here are some tips to consider:

Cleaning blinds. Beyond just dusting, blinds can collect grime as time goes on, so try wiping them down with a household cleaner. If you have wooden blinds, make sure you are using a cleaning product safe for that type of surface.

Take a look at your sliding door tracks. These can be a haven for dirt and grime, and with warmer weather here, they could probably use some TLC as traffic to your outdoor spaces is likely to increase.

Get carpets professionally cleaned. You could also opt to rent a professional steam cleaner and do the job yourself. If you have hardwoods or natural stone in your home, now could also be a good time to talk to an expert about proper maintenance.


Clean out the fridge. Expired condiments and mysterious Tupperware contents can sneak up on anyone. Take some time to clear old items out and wipe down the interior surfaces of your refrigerator with a non-toxic cleanser. Being pro-active can help prevent grime and stains from building up.

Go through the pantry. Discard expired items and consider investing in some storage solutions that can help keep items both fresh and easily accessible.

Disinfect the disposal. Use a combination of ice, lemon wedges, and baking soda for an easy DIY cleanser.


Invest in new sheets. Even if you not in a position to entirely redecorate, replacing your linens this spring can really freshen up the room.

Rotate and flip mattresses. This will pro-long the life of your mattress and help you get a better night’s sleep. While you are at it, replace your pillow or have them cleaned, depending on how old they are. This will reduce allergens and bacteria.

Clean and store winter clothes. Have wool and cashmere items dry cleaned and properly store them for the warmer seasons. This will provide you better access to your spring and summer wardrobe.


Discard outdated medicine. While going through the refrigerator and discarding old items seems more obvious, when was the last time you threw out expired medications?

Replace old shower curtains and bath mats. In the same way new bed linens can refresh a space, consider replacing your shower curtains and bath mats this spring.

Even if you only have time to tackle one room this weekend, you are starting the season off fresh!  Happy Spring!



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