Creating the Perfect Study Space

medium_5094064600So it’s that time of year again! With school back in session, you might be scrambling to get your family back to a normal routine. But, fear not! Here are some great tips for setting up a designated study space in your home. The kids will be back to their studious selves in no time.

Before making any executive decisions, talk to your kids. What inspires them? What is their favorite way to study? For example, is a space to lay out their materials on the floor important to them or do they enjoy using inspiration boards to get their creative juices flowing?

Consider ideal placement for a desk. It may seem easiest to set up a study space in your child’s bedroom, but this isn’t always the most spacious option. Your kids may appreciate a place to spread out papers in addition to having access to a computer. If your floorplan allows, placing a desk in front of a window is often a pleasant option. It helps the study space feel less confining and the natural light during the day can limit strain on eyes. But if space is at a premium, consider converting an under-used closet into a desk space, complete with shelving for books and papers!

Seating options are important also. You want something comfortable and, of course, ergonomically correct, but not too cushy. The couch or a soft armchair are great spots to relax, but can quickly turn a study session into nap time if you are not careful.

Consider the best lighting. Ideally, a great study space will have natural light during the day time as well as overhead and task lighting for evenings. So, be sure to select a good desk lamp or floor lamp to place near your child’s actual study space. There is nothing worse than getting a headache from squinting to read in dim light! And remember, light from a computer screen is not always the easiest on the eyes.

Get your kids involved with the décor. Ultimately, you are trying to create a space that will inspire your kids and encourage them to study regularly and diligently. So, if your kids like to lay out flash cards on the floor space, let them help you pick out a rug. Also, consider taking on some DIY projects as a family, like painting a portion of your space with chalkboard paint or creating a fun inspiration cork board.

So whether you have an entire room to dedicate or just a corner under your stairs, hopefully you can take away some helpful tips. Check out Pinterest for creative décor and space saving ideas. And don’t forget to get your kids involved as well. They will certainly take more pride in a space they helped to create!

photo: CHRISSPdotCOM via photopin cc

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