Three Things You Should Know Before Meeting Your Agent

THIS IS A RE-PUBLISHED ARTICLE – originally written in early 2011.

I recently received a call from a writer at the Houston Chronicle, asking me to answer a real estate-related question for an upcoming column.

I believe some things are just meant to be, and after she revealed the question to me, I knew that question was meant to be mine.

So, I am sharing it this week as part of my blog. I hope you find it helpful.  Please look for my answer to be published in the February 17th issue of the Houston Chronicle in case you want to check it out there next week.

What are three things a buyer should already know before meeting with their real estate agent?

First, determine your timeline and your family’s needs in a home. Then begin to prioritize those needs. Is an extra bedroom more important than a swimming pool? Is a neighborhood location that provides a short commute more important than when you buy?

Second, know your family budget and determine how much you are comfortable spending on a home. A realtor can direct you to a mortgage lender to determine your qualifications, but the amount you qualify for may be more than what fits best into your personal financial plan. Knowing this leads to a more satisfying purchase in the end.
Finally, know exactly what level of service you expect from your real estate agent. Together, ensure up-front that he or she is able to meet those needs. This will pave the way for an enjoyable long-term relationship and real estate experience for all.

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