The Woodlands Artwork Series #1: The Dreamer

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  • Title: The Dreamer
  • Artist: David Phelps, 1956 – present
  • Located in the median at the intersection of South Panther Creek and Woodlands Parkway
  • Dimensions: 48 inches tall, 17 feet long
  • Medium: Lost Wax Metal Casting, three piece assembly
  • Installed 1989

The Woodlands commissioned David Phelps to build a bronze version of his mixed media sculpture the Dreamer, installed in 1989. Phelps is known for his large-scale bronze works that often interact with their physical environment and blur physical planes by appearing to emerge from or sink into the ground.

Growing up on a farm, Phelps developed an artistic interest in the deep connection between humanity and landscape, and this piece exemplifies the contemplative and meditative aspects found in many of his works. On his website, David Phelps offers this statement on his artistic themes and style:

“The general theme embodied in my figurative sculpture is a sense of perseverance, optimism, and humor being embraced in the face of adversity. I was raised on a farm and to a certain extent my imagery grows out of my emotional and visual experiences of those early years… I use the cracked surfaces and the illusion of the figure emerging from the ground plan to communicate to the viewer something basic and fundamental about those remembered feelings in the hope that a deep chord of familiarity will be struck, appreciated, and acknowledged.”

Phelps is an internationally recognized artist with sculptures on the grounds of universities, international airports, and public grounds all over the country. He also creates smaller, unique pieces for gallery shows and private collections.  For this and more information about the artist, along with more pictures and slideshows of his work, visit his website here.

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